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End Times

Understanding The EndTime

     We have before us a glorious promise and wonderful hope from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Luke 21:28 … “Your redemption draweth nigh.”

      The signs are everywhere, all pointing to a time when the great trumpet sounds and the church of Jesus Christ is caught up to meet Him in the air. It’s not a matter of if He is returning it’s a matter of when. Understanding the EndTime is important and we should wait in anxious expectation for his coming. This fourteen lesson DVD series presented by Irvin Baxter gives us important insight into the times in which we are living.  Irvin Baxter is one of the world’s foremost authorities on world events in light of Bible prophecy. He is the founder and president of Endtime Ministries, host of End of the Age television broadcast, publisher of Endtime Magazine and host of Politics & Religion radio.

      There are fourteen lessons in this series:

  1. The United States Discovered in the Bible
  2. New World Order is World Government
  3. Islam in Bible Prophecy
  4. World War III
  5. Israel’s God Given Destiny
  6. Israel God’s Prophetic Time Clock
  7. Holy Roman Empire Reborn
  8. The Antichrist & The False Prophet
  9. Mark of the Beast
  10. The Coming One-World Religion (Part one)
  11. The Coming One-World Religion (Part two)
  12. The Seven Trumpets
  13. The Second Coming
  14. The Kingdom of God

Click each tab on the dropdown menu for more information on the individual lessons.

      These lessons can be presented one on one, in a group, at New Life Apostolic Church, at your local church or in any setting that you choose. They are 1 hour in length, handouts are included of all scriptures used during the presentation.

Call (423) 489-5155 or email for more information or to schedule a viewing time.

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