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Lesson 13

Understanding The End Time

    Lesson Thirteen

    The Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus to earth will be the capstone of all human history. The Second Coming is so important in the plan of God that He devoted the entire book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, to dramatize the event.

There are at least five account of the Second Coming in the book of Revelation, each told from a different perspective.

Since all the prophecies that will occur just before the Second Coming are coming to pass right now, every person on earth should have a clear understanding of what happens at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This video gives proof that The Second Coming will happen soon and if you view this video, you will understand the events as they are happening in preparation for Jesus Christ’s return.

This is the thirteen of fourteen lessons presented via DVD by Irvin Baxter.

These lessons can be presented one on one, in a group, at New Life Apostolic Church, at your local church or in any setting that you choose. They are 1 hour in length, handouts are included of all scriptures used during the presentation.

Call (423) 489-5155 or email for more information or to schedule a viewing time.

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