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Lesson 3

Understanding The End Time

 Lesson Three

Islam in Bible Prophecy

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 jolted all of us awake. You would have expected that the horrific suicide missions would have mortally wounded the religion Islam, but because of the unprecedented exposure that Muslims have received since the attacks, conversions have increased. Our leaders have bent over backwards to call Islam a religion of peace, even while the suicide bombings continue on an almost daily basis. Some world prognosticators are predicting that all of Europe will be Islamic by 2040.

In this DVD Irvin Baxter reveals the identities of the four horseman of the apocalypse; the white horse, the red horse, the black horse and the pale horse, and how they are moving in our world now.

You will see absolute proof that the force called Islam was foretold by God Himself 2,000 years ago.

Get ready for an eye-opening experience that will alter your view of Islam forever!

This is the third of fourteen lessons presented via DVD by Irvin Baxter.

These lessons can be presented one on one, in a group, at New Life Apostolic Church, at your local church or in any setting that you choose. They are 1 hour in length, handouts are included of all scriptures used during the presentation.

Call (423) 489-5155 or email for more information or to schedule a viewing time.

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